Overpass Coming to 23rd Street in Next Four Years

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Senate President Don Gaets was thrilled with the announced investment to improve transportation across Northwest Florida,
"We have 276 million dollars worth of projects for the Bay County and surrounding areas that we were able to announce today".

Of that 276 million, 83 of which will be towards a flyover being built at the intersection of highway 98 and 23rd street.

The project will allow drivers coming east bound on 98 to turn north onto 23rd without having to wait at the long light.

It also will eliminate traffic coming to a dead stop when the train is arriving at the Panama City Port.

As Senate President Don Gaets also filled us in on how long it will take to complete the porject,
“Well we don't have a completion date now but I would expect it would be done within about 24 months but the big news is is that here is a project that has been needed in this community for traffic safety and for economic develpoment for years and years and years and we just haven't been able to get very far. But now we were able to move this project forward and get the funding for it. Now we will have it and the project will begin within two years."

The other big projects involved with this announcement will be the widening of U.S. 331 in Walton County as well as turning Highways 77 and 79 into four lane roads.

The final cost will exceed the half billion barrier, and if that seems like a lot of money, well, it is,

"Well, I am told that this is the largest single investment of state funds in transportation infrastructure in Northwest Florida History".