Oyster Bash Raises Funds for Man In The Sea Museum

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - The third annual Oyster Bash is hoping to raise enough money for the Man In The Sea Museum. They sold 500 tickets in advance and are trying to exceed their goal of $10,000 for the event.

Hundreds came to enjoy the the hundreds of all-you-can-eat oysters, but organizers say the real purpose for the Oyster Bash is to help preserve Bay County's Man In The Sea Museum and Sealab.

"So they just don't see a bunch of buildings and see what their dad does. They can actually have a living history of what occurred here in the last 70 years in the ocean and ocean research and look for careers in the future," said Michael Zinszer, a FSU-PC Professor.

The Sealab served as the first underwater capsule in 1964. This year marks its 50th anniversary.

Decades ago, four men called aquaknots took the Sealab 192 feet underwater by the corner of the Bermuda Triangle for 11 days. Only one of them is still alive today.

"Mostly to honor our dad, Lester Anderson. It's just an incredible feat that they did and there was a lot of things about people going into space, outer space, but there was nothing about people going into inner space. There was very little and i still believe that's a resource that we've not tapped," said Peggy Huisinga, a daughter of one of the members of the Sealab.

The Anderson family is donating several items to the museum including a Sealab board game, photos, and newspaper articles.