PC Commissioner John Kady talks about Low Income Housing

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Last month, Panama City Commissioner John Kady argued against a plan to turn the Old Marie Hotel into affordable housing for seniors, saying there was no need for more low income housing in the downtown area.

He also proposed a moratorium on any new housing development applications that depended on government subsidies.

Wednesday Kady spoke to a number of Northwest Florida Homeless Coalition members to clear up any confusion about his position on low income housing.

"We have received many questions, and concerns from our membership of the homeless and hunger coalition on what it means for a moratorium on low income housing,” said Morgan Burleson of the Northwest Florida Homeless and Hunger Coalition.

"There are many federal and state incentives for building low income housing. What has happened in the last 20 to 30 years, is a disproportionate amount of one building type in the city,” said Commissioner Kady.

Kady answered questions reassuring coalition members and said he doesn't want to do away with low income housing.

He'd like to see those developments spread-out over the city, and not clustered together.

Kady says that the homeless coalition, needs to work with the city and business owners to reach an equitable solution that will benefit all areas of the city.

The Marie Hotel owner, Royal American, withdrew it' plans for the senior housing.

There are currently no new plans for the property.