PCB Officer Retires After SWAT Standoff

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- A Panama City Beach Police Officer, responsible for a standoff earlier this month, has decided to retire.

Bay County Sheriff's Deputies answered a call regarding an intoxicated man causing a disturbance at the Palm Cove subdivision on July 16th.

They say 43-year old Beach Police Sergeant Jeff Heath was armed, acting irrationally and possibly suicidal. Heath retreated back into his home, setting off an hour stand-off, with Sheriff's Office SWAT Officers outside.

It was Heath's boss, Chief Drew Whitman, who entered the house and talked Heath into surrendering. Wednesday Whitman confirmed Heath won't be returning to the department.

"Sergeant Heath decided to do an early retirement, he was approaching his 20 year mark, he's done a great job for the city the years prior and he just thought it would be best for him to be with his family and his kids to move onto another chapter of his life," Panama City Beach Police Drew Whitman said.

Heath's official retirement date will be September 8th. At the time of his arrest, Sheriff's investigators said heath was facing some home and work-related stress. He is still facing one count of shooting a firearm into a dwelling.