PCB Officials Decide Against Banning Alcohol on Beaches

PANAMA CITY BEACH-- Once again Panama City Beach council members spent most of their meeting Thursday night discussing spring break

A number of residents and business owners got up and voiced their concerns.

"I am a homeowner here, and I worry if wow this deteriorates everything here on the beach, will my property value go down."

"It is a phenomena that generates a lot of money but it tends to relatively go to a small number of businesses."

After council members listened to residents concerns, they went through each of the 20 recommendations that came from Panama City Beach Police Chief Drew Whitman.

Included in that list were five recommendations from Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen.

Council members decided to get rid of some, including one to do away with the consideration to not allow alcoholic beverages on the beaches or parking lots during spring break.

While that was one of the recommendations talked about the most, many residents state they were most disappointed that the council decided to table a majority of the issues.

"Going through 20 items and having discussion, vetting those items in a sense as they say is probably not a bad idea no rush that could that could be thought better of at a later time," attorney Wes Pittman said.

The rest will go back to city staff to be put in the form of ordinances for future consideration.

Another recommendation that caused a lot of commotion was potentially closing bars and clubs at 2 a.m. instead of 4 a.m.