PCB Officials Want Spring Break Recommendations

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Spring break problems dominated another local government body's meeting Thursday night.

About a dozen local business owners and residents aired their complaints to Panama City Beach City council members.

They all seemed to have one common theme, "taking back the beach."

Mayor Gayle Oberst and council members sat and listened to their concerns for 2 hours.

Some believe there's plenty of blame to go 'round.

"We are all guilty. Every one of us is guilty for this getting to where it is," said Wayne Lindsey, beach business owner.

Hector Solice, a Panama City Beach resident, said, "What you've got is an out of control situation. It's not if, but when something bad is going to happen."

Michael Bradley another beach business owner spoke to the council saying, "If you're going to try and push spring break out, find some other way to bring income into the beach."

Meantime, others say on-the-whole most spring breakers behave themselves.

It's a few bad apples, and outsiders, causing all the problems.

"The spring breakers as a whole are some very fine kids, I don't have any problems hardly with them. But then you have the people that come down here and prey on them and that's our issue in my opinion," said David Holt, owner of Bikini Beach Resort.

"This [Hannity Show report] was an absolutely and inaccurate description of our normal guest in Panama City Beach. For you to sit there and say that Panama City Beach by getting away with spring break and doing away with it will be more 30A and Destin, you're absolutely incorrect. Destin and 30A have experienced the same things that we are experiencing," said Chris Pitts a beach businessman.

City council members assured the crowd they're considering everyone's thoughts and feelings.

Panama City Beach Mayor, Gayle Oberst, said, "As the staff works through the issues they will zero in on various aspects. So be patient," said Panama City Beach Mayor, Gayle Oberst.

Panama City Beach Police Chief, Drew Whitman said, "We have to work with the county. The best relationship we've ever had has been the relationship with the Bay County Sheriff's Office. We can't destroy that. We have to keep our ordinances together."'

Afterward Obersst seemed to promise some type of action.

She said, "We work on it every year. We probably have reached a point where we need to take some pretty drastic steps to get things back under control, but we will do that."

Oberst expects to have a report and recommendations ready for their next meeting in 2 weeks.