PCB Police Push for New Scooter Restrictions

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - Panama City Beach Police are looking to keep drivers safe on the road with new moped and scooter regulations.

The announcement comes just one day after a deadly crash involving a three-wheeled scooter and a car.

"The car crossed the center line, hit the moped head on and ejected the driver," said Drew Whitman, PCB Police Chief.

The scooter driver, 22 year old Brandon Beverly, died.

His female passenger was not injured.

Police arrested the driver of the car, 18 year old, Bruce George.

"He was arrested for DUI/manslaughter we have other charges pending also," said Whitman.

He also says it's tragedies like this that have him pushing for a new safety ordinance for rental mopeds and scooters.

"A couple of things that we are trying to is maybe make them wear a bright vest that stands out," he adds, "of course we are looking at a little flag system where we know who's renting the scooters so we can track down the business."

Whitman hopes city council members will pass the new ordinance by the end of the spring break season.

Some scooter rental business owners are supporting the proposal.

"You know we will still be in business and we will go by those regulations and we will take that as it comes and cross that bridge as we get to it," said Ronnie Clark, Sara's Rental Manager.