PCB Top Cops

Offcier Brian Buschman, Reserve Officer Mark Custer, and Communications Officer Tabatha Haddle each received recognition in an early morning breakfast ceremony.

The three have nearly a decade with the beach police altogether. Each one says working for this specific unit has been a long time goal and they're humbled by today's awards.

Brian Buschmann is the Officer of the Year. “I always tell new guys when they come on and other officers is that no one's interested in what kind of officer you can be when everyone's watching you, it's what kind of officer are you going to be when no one's watching."

Officer Mark Custer is the Aux/Reserve Officer of the Year. "Over the four and a half years, have developed a really strong family here. I mean, I have my big family at home but when I come here it's not like a job, it's like being at another second home."

Comms. Ofc. Tabatha Haddle was selected as the Civilian Employee of the Year. "You know, it's not something that everybody can do and it takes a certain person to do it and I'm glad I have that capability."

Tuesday night Sergeant Jr Talamantez also won an award, receiving officer of the year honors from the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

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