PCB Wants to Enclose Your Trash Cans

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- Cleaning up the streets was a hot topic at the Panama City Beach City Council meeting Thursday afternoon.

The City is getting complaints about trash cans on Front Beach Road near Pier Park. Mayor Gayle Oberst says they're an eyesore and she is asking the council to support her beautification project.

The managing partner of Mr. Trash is frustrated as well. He says trash bins outside beach homes are messy and topple over with too much garbage.

Oberst wants to contain all residential trash cans on front beach road in a white-picket fence type enclosure to prevent messes on our roadways.

"A three-foot-by-three-foot it doesn't have to be completely covering up the trash can as long as the trash can is not next to the road tipped over with the lid open," said Joe Kennedy, Mr. Trash Managing Partner.

The trash can enclosure idea received praise from council members. They will discuss the plan in more detail at a future Beach council meeting.