PCB's 'Coolest' Award-Winning Attractions and Restaurants

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- Keeping cool on hot summer days takes a little extra effort, but Panama City Beach is a mecca for ways to beat the heat. Some of these attractions are award-winning good.

You don't need to leave it up to chance for the best ways to beat the heat, there are some award-winning restaurants and attractions just out your backdoor. This year, Shipwreck Island Waterpark won TripAdvisors' Choice Award.

Waterpark General Manager Buddy Wilkes said, "We were 23 of about 1,000 waterparks in the nation. So it's one of those things that if you get a lot of really positive reviews, it's really good for you and it could turn into an award and it did."

Last year, The Pink Pelican Ice Cream Bar ranked one of the best for sweet treat joints in the U.S.

Pink Pelican Ice Cream Bar Rick Dorman said, "Last year we were number two in the nation for TripAdvisor. That's a lot of stores. The only ice cream store in Florida."

But nothing beats the heat like ice…or better yet sno-balls. Last year David's New Orleans Style Sno-Balls were featured in the New York Times article, "36 hours in Panama City Beach." It's basically a guide to what you need to see, do and most importantly eat in Panama City Beach if you have less than 2 days.

David's New Orleans Style Sno-Balls Owner David Bulger said, "Ice cream has a creaminess that won't fulfill that dry mouth that you have, but snow balls do." The restaurant hasn't won a TripAdvisor award yet, but the owner says he's still very content. "We are an award winner everyday with the customers."

If you were brave enough to be outside Sunday, the feel like temperature was 108 degrees. Experts says temps will dip back down again by Tuesday.