PCPD Arrest 3 in Relation With Cove Burglaries

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Panama City, FL-- Panama City Police Department have arrested 3-people in-connection to a series of burglaries in the Millville and Cove areas.

29-year old Kenneth Mayo, 16 year old Chance Layfield and 14 year old Si Nguyen are all charged with burglary and theft.

Police say Mayo is the guardian of Nguyen.

The break-ins occured at homes and vehicles in the Cove and Millville neighborhood.

More than a dozen houses and vehicles were broken in to over the past two weeks.

Police say they got their break when a credit card, stolen during one of the burglaries, surfaced at a local business.

"There was a lead we had from a credit card that was used out of a purse which was stolen from a vehicle burglary. And that led me to a suspect and I was able to identify them, locate them, figure out where they live and bring them in and interview them and they confessed and named another suspect."

Police say they also recovered about 5-thousand dollars worth of stolen items when they arrested the trio.

They believe the suspects were responsible for 6-of-15 buglaries in those areas.

They're still loooking for other possible suspects.