Pam Biggers Still Missing After Five Years

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Panama City, FL-- This Sunday marks the 5th anniversary of the disappearance of an Alabama woman in Panama City Beach.

The disappearance of Pam Biggers is without a doubt one of the more bizarre mysteries in bay county.

Biggers was from Hueytown, Alabama, near Birmingham.
She and some co-workers were in-town to remodel a Winn Dixie store.

"She returned to the motel with a friend. They retired for the evening around 7 PM. That was the last time she used her key card to get into her room. And then the next morning, she is always prompt, she did not show up and they became concerned about her. And everything was as if she did not sleep in the room that night. Her purse, cell phone, belongings, medication, everything was still in the room."

Everything, but Biggers.

There are a number of theories about her current status.

But Lieutenant Koren Colbert says the Sheriff's Department doesn't pay attention to theories, without any evidence or proof.

"I don't want to give false hope or take any hope away for the family to find her. We just don't know."

Colbert is still hoping someone will come forward with a piece of information that will crack the case,

"The best thing that we can do is to continue to get the information out there and hopefully generate some leads and if anybody does spot anybody looking like Pam Biggers to contact their local law enforcement agency, wherever it is."

If you do have any leads for the Bay County Sheriffs Department, please give them a call at 850-747-4700.