Panama City Beach Slowing Down for Winter Season

Many beach businesses are preparing for their winter slow-down season.
Many local restaurants will shut down for few months.
"There've been several good events this year, Cruizin’ and Thunderbeach, after the Cruizin’ event things do slow down," said Neel Bennett, one of the owners of Sharky’s Beachfront Restaurant.
Many restaurants use this slow season to being preparing for spring break.
"We do a lot of repairs and maintenance this time of year," said Bennett.
That leaves employees with nothing to do.
"Unfortunately we have to lay a lot of folks off, said Bennett.”
Some restaurants give employees the opportunity to volunteer for lay-offs.
"A lot of them are in school,” said Bennett. “They want the winter off, to travel or vacation or whatever.”
For those who still want to work, the job search is now "on," and there are options. is looking for thirty guest service associates for a 6 month assignment through the winter season.
"We have a unique opportunity at Bookit because our season is opposite, it runs into summer a little bit, but it's mainly in January and February."
And, many retailers like Target and Walmart also pick up employers during the winter season.
Last year nearly 400 people found holiday season work in retail.
Experts are predicting about the same number of jobs this year.