Panama City Celebrates the Royal Birth

The chatter at the Willows British Tea Room was all about the new royal baby and his name.

Susan Nelson has lunch at the tea room frequently, but Tuesday was special.

"We're wondering what they're going to name the new prince," said Nelson.

So is the owner of the tea room, Linda Smith.

"I would not be surprise if it's George or James," said Smith. "They do tend to pick traditional royal names."

Smith, a native of Great Britain, opened the tea room in Panama City, when she moved to America.

"My oldest daughter has been in America since the 80s. When I retired she said come live in the sunshine."

Smith thinks the birth of the baby may help generate some interest in her restaurant, and believes American's are just as excited about the birth of the new prince as the English.

"The pageantry of the monarchy in England captures the imagination of people who don't live with it all the time and of course we have that special relationship, the English and the Americans."

If you do go in for a royal cream tea this week, a dollar will be donated to the March of Dimes for mothers and babies.