Panama City Commission Meeting

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Panama City Commissioners say they've found a solution to the noise problem created by the new ice house at the St. Andrews Marina.

Back in May commissioners butted heads with local fishermen about moving the ice house form the Panama City Marina.

Commissioners approved the move 4 to 1.

They agreed to the move to prevent unnecessary traveling between the two marinas - but only after several weeks of debates.

Panama City Commissioner John Kady says, "There was some concern from residents and the CRA board about the appearance of it on the St. Andrews Marina and also the sound abatement."

Locals say they're still waiting for a solution to the excessive noise.

The original estimate from L&R Contracting was $80,000, but now commissioners say they've received a new proposal that will only cost a little more than $49,000.

Panama City Mayor Greg Brudnicki says, "It will look the same as the $80,000. Materials will be different, and hopefully - there has been a problem so far with noise, and we're hoping that will be enough and if not we'll have to do some additional baffling."

Commissioners are also moving forward with two projects that should help clear storm water.

After this summer's heavy rains, the city decided to partner with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to develop a storm water treatment facility.

It will be located behind the K-Mart store between West 13th and West 15th Streets.

The DEP will reimburse the city's cost for building the plant.

The city will also need to address storm water issues on Jenks Avenue as they consider expanding the road to five lanes.

Mayor Brudnicki says, "There was a piece of property that worked well for us that we're paying the $167,000 for to use for retention, and I think that they explored other avenues. That's probably what turns out the most reasonable and it works best for us.

That retention area is located between 23rd Street and Baldwin Road.