Panama City Commissioners Eliminate "Buffer" In St. Andrews And Say No To Golf Carts

BAY COUNTY-- Panama City Commissioners made a move they say will help in the development of a new entertainment district in St. Andrews.

They've eliminated a mandatory 500 foot buffer between bars, and churches and schools.

But it will not allow new "bars" to move in.

The hope is more restaurants, selling alcohol, will move into the area.

City Commissioner Mike Nichols said he's talked to church and school leaders in the district and explained the purpose of the changes.

Commissioners also decided against a plan to allow the use of golf carts on more city streets.

The city is allowing limited cart usage in the Cove area.

This proposal would have allowed carts to use streets south of 11th Street to Business 98 and from East Avenue West to MLK Boulevard.

"Little too soon to go ahead and determine that for other areas so but I'm sure it's gonna come up again and we'll address it in a year and if everything is were satisfied with what's going on, hasn't been any incidents, we haven't come across anything that we didn't think we would come across we'll address that issue again," said Greg Brudnicki, Panama City Mayor.

Commissioner's say they'll wait at least 6 more months to monitor carts in the Cove before discussing the expansion.