Panama City Fire Rescue Test Out New Training

Wednesday through Friday, Panama City Fire Rescue team members could be seen rappelling off the Hathaway Bridge testing out their water rescue methods for the first time since instituting them.

According to officials, five years ago, someone attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the Hathaway Bridge. At that point in time, no protocol was set in place for a rescue.

Fire rescue officials now have a plan and after testing it out, believe that they are prepared if they need to make a quick rescue to someone in the water.

"The first day they did the training, they actually timed it from the station to the bridge, having the rescuer in the water and it was 5 minutes," said Capt. Eric Stiffler. "Basically form the time we get the call, we can have guys on the scene and in the water and have hands on the patient pretty quick."

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