Panama City Makes Efforts to Help Homeless

Truly homeless people in our area will have an extra challenge trying to keep warm over the next few days.

Homeless are welcome at places like the Rescue Mission, or cold weather shelters, but not everyone has transportation.

In the past, the Panama City Police Department and the Rescue Mission had programs in place to help the homeless on cold winter nights like tonight.

The Rescue Mission's Warm Hearts program went out in search of the homeless and offered them hot coffee, blankets and warm clothing.

The Panama City Police department had a Safe Streets program which provided homeless a one way bus ticket to a family member.

Sadly both programs are no longer in place due to lack of funding. However both organizations still offer as much support as they are able.

Rescue Mission Comm. Manager Taylor Muma said, "We'll give you a hot meal and during these cold nights we really don't want to turn anyone away. So as much as possible we want to provide safety and warmth."

PCPD Sargeant Chris Edmundson said, "If we come across someone who needs assistance of course our officers are going to call EMS and make sure they get medical attention."

The Panama City Rescue Mission's doors are open 24 hours and will accept anyone with a need.