Panama City Man Arrested for Possession of Child Pornography

The Panama City Police Department is investigating an incident that involves possession of images and videos depicting the sexual performance of children.

On Sunday, a cellular telephone was turned over to the Panama City Police Department by a concerned citizen who stated the phone contained pictures of young children performing sexual acts.

Detectives were able to apply for and receive a search warrant for the phone. The phone was searched and the owner was identified.

Detectives observed digital pictures and video recordings of children believed to be less than 5 years of age, engaged in sexual acts with an adult male.

Detectives located the owner of the phone at his residence in Panama City.

Through the investigation, it was learned that the owner of the phone did search the Internet for the images and videos, downloaded them digitally, and stored them on his cellular phone after viewing them.

37 year old David M. Bishop was arrested Sunday, and transported to the Bay County Jail for nine counts of possession of sexual performance by a child.

Detectives were able to obtain further information through the investigation to apply for and receive a search warrant for Bishop’s residence and home computer.

The search warrant was served and the computer along with electronic storage devices were located and seized for further investigation.

The investigation is ongoing and additional charges are pending.