Panama City Man Loses Nearly 200 Pounds

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A Panama City man is celebrating after losing nearly 200 pounds and saving his own life.In one and a half years, Wes Chastain changed his lifestyle completely.

32-year-old Wes Chastain gets up at 4:15 AM to run. Chastain discusses his normal routine: "I run anywhere from five to seven miles every morning."

He runs so much that he's bought a new pair of shoes. Nearly two years ago, Chastain weighed more than three hundred pounds. When he went to see a doctor in December of 2011, they had some troubling news.

"The doctor told me I had about 10 years to live. She said you may not live to see 40 at this rate," said Chastain.

That's when he realized things had to change and he did not want to weigh 335 pounds anymore: "Always just bad, just gross. Always had head aches. High blood pressure and just felt no confidence."

Now he eats mostly fruits and grilled chicken. He also exercises by running around his block. After a year and a half, he now weighs 157 pounds. A change many of his family and friends are still getting used to.

"They'll give me a look of who are you. I have to literally tell them who I am and then they just go 'oh my gosh, I can't believe it,'" said Chastain.

They can't believe he went from a size 44 to a size 32 in shorts: "Me and my family never thought we'd ever say 'wow, you've lost all the weight you could possibly lose.' A year and a half ago, we would have never thought, Wes is skinny."

Chastain says his motivation to stay healthy stays right by his door with a picture of his old self reminding him how far he's come. He says his goal is to help others lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle starting with his own family.