Panama City Police Department Honors First Responders

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PANAMA CITY - Panama City officials honored a number of First Responders today for their combined work on several recent emergencies.

Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and communications officers received awards today for their teamwork during last month's scaffolding accident at First Baptist Church.

Police Chief Scott Ervin called the incident unlike anything he'd ever seen.

Responders rescued two men who were injured when the scaffolding hit a power line.

Corporal Chris Taylor received the Distinguished Service medal.

Captain Rob Jones and Paramedic James Lundee of Bay County EMS received Life Saving awards and medals.

All three climbed the scaffolding, not knowing beforehand if the power had been turned off yet.

They performed CPR for half an hour on one victim, bringing him back to life, and treated the other man for severe burns.

Chief Ervin said "From a Chief's perspective, getting on scene and watching that event unfold and watching each of the respective agencies work in such a coordinated effort, there's not one thing i would've done differently, there's not one bit of advice i would've gave them. They were just well orchestrated in their job as they were trained to do."

Chief Ervin also honored the officers with the most DUI arrests, the most traffic citations, and those who assisted in capturing those two fugitives who escaped from the Franklin County Correctional Institute earlier this year.