Panama City Ranked Top Florida City In Traffic Fatalities

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According to Florida Highway Matrix, Panama City was ranked the top city in the state for fatal vehicle crashes between 2006 and 2010.

Panama City also topped the state in aggressive driving and the number of teen drivers.

"We do have a lot of crashes and that does unfortunately sometimes involve a lot of fatalities as well," said Sergeant Jason Jeter of the Panama City Police Department.

In recent years, Panama City Police officers have been testing some software called TraCS.

This month, the Florida Department of Transportation awarded PCPD a 42,000 dollar grant to help with the costs to implement the system.

"It's extremely valuable to the officer and to the citizen," said Jeter.

The system allows officers in the field to instantly transfer crash reports and citations to a computer server at the police department, saving them valuable time.

"It's so fast for us to be able to do it this way as opposed to hand writing them," said the sergeant.

It also creates a better system tracking vehicle crash data.
Officers hope the information will help pin-point times and locations when rivers are more at-risk of being involved in a crash.

For instance, they say in the past four weeks the most likely time for crashes were Mondays at 5 PM.

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