Panama City Students Vote in Mock Elections

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Their votes may not count, but some local middle school and high school students are taking a big interest in the election.
Students at Panama City Advanced School have been studying the elections for the past four weeks.
Monday, they got a chance to use their knowledge to vote for a presidential candidate.
Social studies teacher, Jane Fletcher, said the mock election has generated a lot of interest, with students discussing the candidates in the hallways and at lunch.
54 students voted for President Obama, 10 for Romney, one student had no choice.
"It's very important that as American’s we have the choice to choose the president that we want,” said 9th grader Sara Abdelghany. “The country is based on freedom and many countries don't have them. We have to use our right and exercise it."
Many of the students said this election is important to their futures and they are worried about paying for college and jobs after they graduate.