Panama City Taking Next Step For Bed Tax

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PANAMA CITY - Panama City is moving forward with it's plan to spend the first two years of proposed bed tax collections.

The Tax Planning Advisory Committee went over it's initial draft plan today, for the future Panama City Community Development Council.

The plan is required before the city can put the issue to a public vote.

The Florida legislature has done it's part, passing the authorization the city needs to create the proposed bed tax district, which encompasses the same area as the Panama City limits.

The Governor must also sign off on the plan.

Andrew Levy, who is the Chairman of the Advisory Committee said, "...The best thing about it is, it's really, because it's hotels and short term rentals, it's really geared towards people coming from outside the community and not locals but yet, we'll still get the benefit of a lot things we'll do with that money."

The committee hopes to submit the finalized plan to the city commission after the next meeting in two weeks, followed by the county commission and then the election for those living in the proposed tax district.