Panama City Trio Jailed on Alabama Drug Charges

HEADLAND, Ala. Alabama officials say they've arrested 3-Panama City Beach residents on drug charges.

A judge set a 150-thousand dollar bond apiece for 27-year-old Daniel Lee Willis, 23-year-old Kimberly Ann Cathcart and 23-year-old Joshua Taylor Barrington. Each is charged with trafficking marijuana.

Headland, Alabama police say the arrests are the result of a traffic stop on Highway 431 around 9:30 last Friday night.

They say a quick search of the car turned-up more than 2-and-a-half pounds of marijuana worth about 4-thousand dollars on the street.

Police Chief Mark Jones say they also seized 730-dollars cash, some pills and some drug paraphernalia.
"The outcome would have been this would have been distributed on the streets of Panama City Beach, Florida during spring break, while we have kids there that are trying to have a good time and enjoy themselves. And unfortunately this is going to be sold on the streets."

The Panama City trio could face more charges as the investigation continues.

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