“Panama City's Trashiest” Follow Up

Back in July we told you about 4-local teenagers accused of using a popular social media website to attack the reputations of other teens.

Bay County sheriff's investigators arrested three juveniles and 18-year-old Austin Lowe, charging them all with aggravated cyberstalking.

The group was accused of creating and administering a Facebook page they named “Panama City's Trashiest”. The page first surfaced on March 26th. From then until their arrests, the teens allegedly posted comments intended to publicly humiliate and defame dozens of Bay County teens.

There was vulgar language, descriptions of alleged sexual activity, even a photo of someone committing an act of bestiality with a goat. One investigator called it the worst case of cyberbullying he'd ever seen.

But this week the State Attorney's office dropped the case. Prosecutors say they can't prove the 4-teens were responsible for all the comments on the site. They also say many of the victims said they were not distressed or traumatized by the statements made about them.

And they say the primary victim, who filed the original complaint decided she didn't want to testify in the proceedings and asked for the case to be dismissed.

The “Panama City's Trashiest” page has been removed from Facebook and the 4-teens have issued apologies to all of the victims.

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