Panama City Beach Breaks World Record with Bikini Parade

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Panama City Beach -- Local tourist leaders wanted to come up with a fun Spring Break promotion that would gain mainstream attention, they did so by ushering in the ‘World’s Largest Bikini Parade’.

A few months ago, the Bay County Tourist Development Council set its sights on beating the previous world record of 357 bikini-clad women set in Australia back in October. Guinness officials came to Panama City Beach Tuesday to ensure the record attempt was legitimate.

“This is not something you see every day, the organization to put this together was incredible” said Philip Robertson, Guinness Adjudicator.

By 11:30 up to 450 women were ready to step into the record books. They walked the parade route from Harpoon Harrys to the Miller Pier and back, which spans about a mile. Spring Breakers from all over the country played a major role in the record breaking efforts. Karly Quinn from Maine says she thinks of the Bikini Parade as patriotic.

“This is the most exciting day of my life, tears were coming out of my eyes, I’m so proud of the United States” said Karly Quinn, Bikini Parade Participant.

When the last participant crossed the finish line, Robertson tallied the numbers and announced the record had been broken.

“With an existing record of 357 set in Surface Paradise, Australia in October 2011, they had a fair target to beat. I’m happy to say they did, 450 people took part and set the new Guinness World Record for Panama City Beach, USA” said Robertson.

“I knew we were going to come to this, but I didn’t know it would be this great. I’m going to be telling so many stories about this” said Amy Pottle, Maine.

Those stories and more will last a lifetime, or at least until someone else tries to break the Bikini Parade world record.

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