Panama City Beach City Council Passes Tent Ordinance

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Panama City Beach- The emergency ordinance is identical to the one Bay County commissioners passed last week. It gives beach officials the authority to remove beach tents, or any other personal items for that matter, left on the beach between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.

"Leave No Trace" is a joint initiative between the county and Panama City Beach. Government officials hope a consistent law covering the entire beach will help clean up the area's image.

Beachgoers will soon notice new signs at each public access notifying them of the changes. There are also plans to advertise the new ordinance on the banner planes during the summer.

Before the city ultimately passed the ordinance Thursday night, Council Member John Reichard expressed concerns about larger more expensive items left behind.

"I'm serious, I mean we are saying to folks, 'We are not going to return these items.' We're talking tents, tents, tents, but this is going to apply to other things," said Reichard.

For items like jet skies, the council agreed to deal with it on a case by case basis. The Bay County Tourism Development Council will be in charge of enforcing the ordinance.

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