Parasail Law Being Heard in Florida Senate Committee

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. The parasailing industry in Florida could be facing more regulations after a senate committee hearing Wednesday.

The Senate Community Affairs Committee looked at Senate Bill 320, also named the White-Miskell act. It aims to stop parasailing during winds over 20 miles per hour or when a known lightning storm is within 7 miles of the operation. The parasailing company must also have a minimum of 1 million dollars in insurance.

This comes after Kathleen Miskell , a 28 year old tourist from Connecticut and 15 year old, Amber White both died on separate parasailing accidents in Broward county. Two parasailing accidents also occurred last year in Panama City Beach which critically injured two Indiana teenagers who were on vacation together.

Sponsoring in the proposed legislation is Senator Maria Sachs of Delray Beach.

"There are over 150 commercial parasail operators throughout the state of Florida. It's a wonderful sport, and hope they continue and prosper but they must do it with these safety regulations, otherwise people are not going to trust them anymore."

The bill did pass unanimously Wednesday and will be heard on the Senate floor.

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