Parents Concerned by Schools' Student to Teacher Ratio

PANAMA CITY-- A handful of parents expressed their concern at Tuesday's Bay District Schools board meeting about Rutherford High School's International Baccalaureate Program, or IB.

It's an honors program with international standards, like small class sizes.

Parents were concerned that too many teachers, or "units," had been cut from the program this year.

But district officials say that's not the case.

They say when you look at the ratio of students to unit, Rutherford is on track with other area high schools.

People also wondered about the program's future, but Superintendent Bill Husfelt says there's no worries there.

"We're just here to ask for support to get those back, and to get our classes back to normal size," Bill Reid, the parent of an IB student, said.

"The ratios haven't changed," Husfelt said. "They just worry about their children and want them to be able to thrive in those programs, and we do too. Other than today, there's never been any discuss about it. That's it."

Rutherford's student population is expected decreased from last year, actually bringing its ratio down from about 22 students per unit to 20.

That gives Rutherford a smaller ration than Bay High School at about 20.5 and Mosley High School at about 21.