Parents Looking to Change Bus Stop Policy

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GREENHEAD Some Washington County parents are upset over a change in school bus routes. Washington district school officials decided to stop sending drivers down some of the dirt roads in the Greenhead community. Parents say that has put exposed their kids to dangerous conditions.

Parents on Shoreline Drive in Greenhead say they have had enough.

"I just reached my limit when I seen month after month the kids having to run this gauntlet of cars up on 77," said Greenhead resident Richard Wakeley.

Last year school district officials changed the school bus route, prohibiting drivers from traveling down certain dirt and privately owned roads.

That has forced the kids to wait by Highway 77 to catch their bus. A dangerous spot said Wakeley.

"The bus stop on 77 is on a 45 degree curve, it's also on a hill, so as soon as cars come off the four lane on 77 coming north they've got about a mile to go and they hit about a 45 degree curve and at the top of this hill is a school bus stop."

School officials say there were reasons for the change.

"It has always been our practice to in this county to uh go as close as possible to pick up pre-k and kindergarten children,” said Washington County School District Director of Transportation Mike Park. “A “pre-K'er” once lived down Shoreline Drive and has since moved and so we don't go down Shoreline Drive anymore."

Park says district transportation officials will re-evaluate the stop for safety issues this summer.

Wakeley hopes a change won't come too late.

"This is gonna cause a tragedy. It's gonna cause something to happen out there."

If school district officials don't change the policy, Wakeley says he will take his complaint to state education officials in Tallahassee.