Walton County Park Dedicated to Fallen Soldier

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After four years of planning and construction, a ribbon cutting is the last step to officially open Padgett Park.
“We're celebrating opening the building for Sergeant Timothy Padgett who lost his life in 2007 in Afghanistan” said Walton County commissioner Cecilia Jones.

Padgett – a decorated army ranger medic - was killed when his unit came under attack.
However this was not a day for mourning, but a day for remembrance and dedication.

"This was a project to memorialize the fallen in Walton County and Timothy Padgett’s the face of that and it felt good to build it, it felt good to build it for him" said Brian Beauchamp.

"I just simply appreciate the honor. Ok I appreciate them naming the park Padgett Park. Remembering my son sergeant Tim Padgett" said mother of fallen soldier Glenda Penton.

The park has a multi-purpose community center, water feature and a handicap accessible playground.

"I wanted to have a park where children with disabilities could use so we came up with the idea of a playground for children with disabilities and then regular Ed. kids can use it as well” said Cecilia Jones.

Padgett's mother Glenda Penton says the park is everything she dreamed of and is glad to know it will carry on the memory of her son.

"I hope it will continue Tim’s legacy and to know that there's been some supreme sacrifice as well."

Padgett Park will also have a multi-purpose field for soccer and football.

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