Parker City Commission

Mayor Rich Musgrave and commissioners John Haney and Ken Jones attended their first official meeting.

On the agenda, the board filled 2-vacancies on the City Planning Board. They also discussed the possibility of filing a claim on-behalf of the city for the B-P oil spill.

But they did not take any major action. What they did do was set a tone for the direction they want to take the city.

Newly elected Mayor Rich Musgrave said it’s all about making the city better. "One of my campaign platforms was 'Putting Pride Back in Parker' and that's about making people feel good about themselves and part of that is really beautifying property. Making it better. There's all kinds of ways that you can recognize it and I want to encourage people. It's all towards getting our community more engaged."

The board discussed possible pancake breakfasts for residents to meet with commissioners.

Mayor Musgrave also suggested a public workshop during months that have a 5th Tuesday, so residents and commissioners can discuss issues of concern.

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