Parker City Officials Consider Ordinances Regulating Churches and Man's Best Friend

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There are two types of people in Parker who might not be too happy after Tuesday night's city council meeting- church-goers and dog owners.

The first ordinance discussed involved where churches can set up shop in relation to bars. The city council went through the first reading that will prevent a place of worship from operating within 500 feet of any business that sells alcohol.

Currently the city has an ordinance that prevents the opposite, that is bars from opening with 500 feet of churches. But according to city officials there appears to be more businesses that sell alcohol than there are churches, meaning this new ordinance may make it more difficult for churches to find somewhere to move or for new ones to open their doors.

The city maintained it's just trying to make it an even playing field.

"Our councilmembers who wanted to see this ordinance go into effect said that it truly was just a fairness perspective," said City Clerk Nancy Rowell.

The new ordinance will become law after its second reading on February 5th. Also Tuesday night, leash up your four-legged friend or face a fine. That's the message within a letter the city sent out recently to all its residents. City officials said they've received too many complaints regarding man's best friend roaming wild.

The city attorney handed out a proposed leash law to council members Tuesday that would require dogs to be leashed when they're in public. Violators could be fined and their animals taken away.

"Right now we're trying to address an area on Donaldson Point that there seems to be some running loose and chasing people, chasing people on bicycles and trying to bite them, so we're just going to have to get a little bit stronger with what we've been doing to try and enforce it a little bit better," Mayor Tonya Barrow said.

No word on when the city will move forward with the new leash law. And finally, two city council members announced they won't be running for reelection. Mayor Pro-Tem Will Oost and Councilman George Nepereny notified the city of their impending vacancies.