Parking Problems in St. Andrews

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ST. ANDREWS-- As St. Andrews becomes more popular, parking has become a premium in some areas. And it's not just a problem for locals, but businesses too.

The city is weighing their options on how to handle the parking issues. Parking in St. Andrews is not always a problem, but as the area continues to grow, City Manager Jeffrey Brown says that may change.

"We're probably now at the saturation point in parking that parking is now at a premium," said City Manager of Panama City Jeffrey Brown.

Some residents say St. Andrews parking is not always packed, but during festivals and dinner time it can be an issue.

"Now that's a big problem because there is a lot of activities down there, and it just gets so crowded," said resident Cheryl Brown. "They park all different ways, if they don't have any lines to go in if they see a spot then that's where they put it," said resident Cheryl Brown.

Cheryl Brown says new ideas to fix the parking problem around Beck Avenue and 11th Street are needed. She says building a parking garage in an empty lot could be one of them.

Caffiend's Coffee and Tea owner David Hayes agrees and says these plans could help solve the problem.

"It will by itself serve the community and the issues of parking, but the bigger picture is to make, to put St. Andrews on the map," said Caffiend's owner David Hayes.

"So now what we're looking at is just to go to some elevated storage so some parking garages is really the answer," said City Manager Jeffrey Brown.

Hayes says building a parking garage should make everyone happy.
"Make it benefit every business in St. Andrews," adds Hayes.

City Manager Jeffrey Brown says building a parking garage will cost anywhere from $10 to $12 million.

The next step would be looking into how to pay for it. Whether that be through paid parking or selling the parking spots to businesses.