Pastors on School Campuses Being Questioned

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PANAMA CITY-- A local man is challenging a Bay District Schools plan to allow local pastors on school campuses this fall. School officials announced the plan this week because of this summer’s rash of murders in Panama City.

Pastors will make themselves available to students who want to talk about the violence. However, a local man, who says he’s a representative for the Freedom from Religion Foundation, has contacted School Superintendent Bill Husfelt.

His letter to Husfelt states allowing pastors to preach on school grounds is a violation of the constitution. School Board Attorney, Franklin Harrison is defending the pastors' involvement as part of a community effort.

Harrison said, "He [Husfelt] has been talking to some ministers, certainly. He's been talking to some other community groups; he's been talking to the military people. And his idea is really a proactive idea of getting the community and getting those people to encourage the people they come in contact with to get more involved in the schools and with the children."

NewsChannel 7 has reached out the man who sent the letter; however, we have not received a response back.