Pathways Recovery Ministries Receives Check for Klothes for Kids Program

The Pathway Recovery Ministries in Bay County says it will put a $10,000 donation to good use. The money will go to the Klothes for Kids program.

The annual drive takes donations from the community to help underprivileged kids with back to school supplies as well as school uniforms.

As the title sponsor this year, St. Joe Community Foundation donated 10,000 dollars to the drive.

"The St. Joe community foundation, we're a foundation that's driven by the community. We look for causes that make real meaningful differences in our community and in our lives in the community. There's nothing more important than children. So we're very happy very pleased on behalf of the trustees to make this contribution to the clothes for kids program," said Trustee Jorge Gonzalez.

"They've really picked up in a big way to make this a very very successful program. So we'll be able to, when we get down to the wire we'll be able to go out and purchase what we haven't gotten donated and it'll put a lot of smiles. There's nothing like a kid getting a new pair of tennis shoes and running up and down the hall in them," said Billy Fox.

Last year, the Klothes for Kkids program was able to help nearly 1,400 kids.