Patronis Receives Two Awards for Passing Bill

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State Representative Jimmy Patronis has received two awards for his work with environmental legislature this year.

The awards come from the Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) and the Florida League of Cities.

They come after Patronis passed HB 999, an environmental permitting bill that he says will make the permitting process much more streamline and predictable for users.

Patronis says that he and his colleagues met weekly for months to review every section of the bill before it was passed.

"I didn't go to Tallahassee to take naps in the afternoon, and I think for that Spring session that we're there working, it's important to be as effective and hustling as much as we can. Environmental policy is something I kind of fell in to, and I'll probably take a bite of that apple next year," said Representative Patronis.

Several other Florida legislators were recognized by the organizations.

AIF awarded 14 other lawmakers with the Champions for Business Award, and the Florida League of Cities recognized 15 legislators with a 2013 Legislative Appreciation Award.