Paul Ryan Visits Bay County

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With the presidential election days away...all eyes will be on Florida, a crucial swing state. Saturday the number two on the republican ticket was rallying for support in Bay County. The surprise event pulled more than 1,000 Bay County residents. The crowd waited eagerly for Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan to come to the stage.

For residents and supporters in Bay County, the most important issue they hoped would come up on stage Saturday was clear. "I'd like to hear him talk about what they're plans are for turning the economy around,” said supporter Patrick Drury, “that's the main thing I think that me and a lot of people are concerned about." "We've seen our monies go away because of the market and everything,” said Rosemary Cunningham. “Obama hasn't done a thing for us, I have friends that could lose their business."

Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan didn’t offer many specifics to his plan, but his speech still inspired all those in attendance. "Look, our 5-point plan is real simple, we got a lot of energy in this country,” said Ryan, “let's use that energy in this country and put people back to work, get our gas prices down."

"Just talking about the greatness of this country and how great it can be again and getting us back in where we should be,” said Warren Brookhart. “You know building and building stopping with all the waste that's been going on, he's just so inspirational and I just love it."

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