Paws & Claws Fundraiser Hosted By Local Restaurant and Police

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - As a part of their daily duties, Panama City Beach police officers say they often deal with stray dogs and cats, so it was an easy decision to help out a local organization that's trying to reduce the stray animal population.

Beach Police organized a fund-raiser tonight at Sharky's Restaurant and Beach Club to benefit Paws & Claws.

Paws & Claws sterilizes feral cats and roaming dogs, to keep them from reproducing and creating more wild animals.

They also collect donation to feed those animals, as you can imagine, that's takes a lot of money.

Tina Brown from Paws & Claws says she's excited to be part of the group because, "We've been able to save so many animals from, you know, ultimate destruction and give them homes."

The organization is planning to move from the Pet Smart on 23rd Street in Panama City, to the new Pet Smart store at Pier Park North, when it opens.