Paxton Family Begins Surgery For Daughter With Rare Disease

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Dan and Angie Renfroe knew they were in for a journey when they found out one of their daughters Katie was born with a rare disease.

"She was born with megalocephney. We found out probably I was six months pregnant with her that she had meglocephney" said Angie Renfroe.

At five months old Katie had brain surgery to divide her brain and remove the front lobe. Now after several attempts to find a doctor capable of relieving some of the stress to the rest of Katie’s body, she has finally started her reconstructive surgery process.

"We left from here on the 27th and got to Hollywood Florida on the 28th. They put her in the hospital on the 29th and the surgery lasted about ten hours. They had originally planned to do both sides of her cheeks but with the one side lasting so long they couldn't" said Angie Renfroe.

Katie will undergo at least five different procedures to decrease the size of her cheeks, ears and mouth.

"Her surgeries, really that's been the worst of it, having to wait. You don't know what's going to happen” said Dan Renfroe.

Once Katie has completed the surgeries, her family believes she'll become more independent.

"Weight being gone from her face is helping her to get better control of her body" said Angie Renfroe.

"Now she can lift up her head easier" said Bradley Renfroe.

"It will help her start eating better and breathing better" said Dannial Renfroe.

“And talk too; I’m pretty sure she's going to be able to talk so. I think it's going to really, really help her” said Megan Renfroe.

"I want her to be able to walk. If she gets all this weight I’m thinking that she'll be able to walk" said Dan. Renfroe.

Katie and her family still have a long journey ahead of them but it's not without support from their community.

Friends and family members set-up a benefit account before Katie’s first surgery.
If you'd like to help, just donate at any regions bank branch, to the “Benefit of Katie Renfroe Fund".

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