Peaceful Protest Aimed at Southerland

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - Locals are calling on a change from Washington amid growing climate change concerns. About a dozen people showed up on the sand behind Sharky's in Panama City Beach to grab attention.

It just so happened to be the same restaurant that Congressmen Steve Southerland was holding a fundraiser at Sunday night. And knowing this organizers chose to set up there in an effort to grab Congressmen Southerland's attention.

They wanted to do something a little more creative. They took to the gulf waters, armed with letters on poles reading "Seas R Rising."

Organizer Alivin Peters says the ocean is rising and glaciers are melting at exponential rates, detrimental to our Florida waters. They hope their message gets through to top lawmakers, so polices can be made or tweaked.

Peters, "Well because we are in the sea and the sea really has no voice and so we are trying to be the voice today, visually, to help genuinely stimulate a conversation."

This is the first time that Peters has lead an event like this. He's pleased with the turn out and hopes to do more peaceful protests like this in the future.