Peaden Employees Donate Thousands to Red Cross

The employees at Peaden Air Conditioning collected almost 9,000 dollars for the local red cross chapter.

Thursday, they handed the check over to red cross representatives. Money donations help more than commodities since there is no shipping costs involved and the money can be used for a multitude of relief efforts in a given area.

"As it happened we had two of the busiest weeks we've had in quite some time, so we were able to raise a significant amount of money in a short period of time," said Tim Welch with Peaden.

"You know the red cross is going to spend millions of dollars, the red cross has already spent millions of dollars out there and its contributions like this from folks all over the country that make that happen," said Bob Pearce.

Now that we are in hurricane season the red cross will be needing more help from the local community.

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