Pelican Point to Close

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A long-time tradition at Tyndall Air Force Base is about to come to an end. The base's Pelican Point golf course will close at the end of the month.

Stanton Matthews works at Emerald Coast Golf Center. He's also one of the many local golfers upset that Tyndall Air Force Bases's Pelican Point course is closing.

"It's very disappointing. Like i said especially on that side of the bridge, in that area, there's not a whole lot of golf courses there," said Matthews, a local golfer.

Tyndall made the official announcement early Thursday morning. The last day of play will be May 31st. The big reason for closing is money.

Pelican Point has lost an average of $270,000 a year since 2006. The only recent profitable year was 2002.

"When we're looking at the losses we're incurring here at the golf course, it starts to put some of the things our airmen use continuously use, the families, the retirees, everybody uses on a continous basis. It's starting put some of those activities at jeopardy," said Col. Grund with Tyndall Air Force Base.

Tyndall even opened the course to the public last year, hoping improve the financial picture, but it didn't work.

While Tyndall Air Force Base is closing the golf course at Pelican Point, they are keeping open the driving range. The course will remain in-tact.

"We're going to put some level of maintenance into the course where we keep the fairways in some way mode. They will no way even close to be playable," said Col. Grund

But golfers like Matthews, say they'll miss their trips to Pelican Point.

"Layout was great, it was easy to play, it was friendly, and beautiful."

The course may remain, but Tyndall officials say they plan to auction all of the equipment like the golf carts, shortly after the course closes.