Pensacola Company Helps Veterans Seeking Employment

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ESCAMBIA COUNTY-- One company based out of Pensacola is the first of its kind here in northwest Florida.

Condottieri LLC is a private defense services company that specializes in helping veterans seeking employment.

Managing Director Mark Burke says many men and women come out of the armed forces and cannot find a job with the skill sets they learned in the military.

The company focuses on personal protective services and maritime security.

They go to public places and practice, in the case of this video it's personal security.

These men and women train for six days, then they're contracted to places throughout the country, and even overseas.

Once they're placed into their new job, each group is made up of a 12-person team.

"You are not limited to just one thing. If you had your skills you developed in the military were on a ship or or anti-piracy operations, we can put you into something like that. Like myself, I was in the United States Army Infantry airborne, so my skills were more towards the personal security side," Burke said.

Employees of the company say they don't do this job for the money, but rather, it's vocational. They say it takes them back to that brotherhood they experienced back in the military.