People Line Up in Tallahassee for Michelle Obama Rally Tickets

Jermaine Miller was the first in line at 6:00am and says his mother and Michelle Obama have the same success story. “I want to support Michelle Obama. My mom grew-up the way Michelle as a single mother and then later she taught me how to, you know, manage on my own."

Several thousand are expected at the 4:00 PM Monday event.

Leon County Commissioner Kristen Dozier says the flood of people seeking admission is proof there is no lack of enthusiasm for the President. "We've heard a lot this last year about enthusiasm gap and I just don't see it manifesting. It's not just about conventions and people who are on the ground volunteering for Obama, but just out on the street people who want to continue to support the President. Who are willing to show up, who are excited about the First Lady? They're here and we see it manifesting on days like this".

Leon County is heavily Democratic and the appearance by the First Lady is an effort to rally the President’s base. Monday is likely the only time the First Lady will be in Tallahassee.