Pet Adoption Trolley

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PANAMA CITY -- Bay County Animal Services is making it easier for people to adopt pets. Animal control officials unveiled their newest mobile adoption center today.

Many dogs have been searching for a home, some have been without families for almost a month.

"Us rescue mom's that's what we do, we want to see them get adopted," said pet owner Sharon Rauch.

Sharon Rauch is one foster mom whose excited about what this trolley can offer. "I understand they're going to take it to different places in the county and to increase the adoption, and we need it so bad," said Rauch.

Bay County bought the newly outfitted trolley for about a $1,000.

Each month foster animals from Bay County Animal Services will ride around town looking for that new home.

"People don't always have the time or the gas money to go all the way out there, and we need them to save more animals so we don't have to put so many down," adds Rauch.

Officials say the service is simple. All pet adopters need is a valid ID, a property background check, and a love for animals.

"Bay County is committed to increasing the number of adoptions that we're able to do and so this is just one of the many ways that we're working towards that goal," said Bay County PIO Valerie Sale.

And the good news for adopters, the pets are ready to go.
They've all been spayed, neutered, and vaccinated.

All of the animals from Friday's adoption are available for $25 each.

Bay County Animal Services says the trolley will visit a different location the first friday of each month.