Pet Rabbit Beheaded in Front of Children

A bizarre case of child abuse in Bay County.

The Sheriff’s Office says Tina Sandlin cut the head off a family’s pet rabbit, in front of two young children.

The children tell investigators Sandlin called them out of the bedroom of their Southport home on July 15, held their pet rabbit up by the ears and cut rabbit’s head off with a knife. The kids say the rabbit was kicking and there was “lots of blood.”

Upset by what they saw, it took a while for the kids to come clean to their dad about what happened.

Deputies arrested Sandlin about 8:00 p.m. Monday. She was hiding under a mobile home on Newman Point Road.

Sandlin is has been charged with two counts of Child Abuse for Affliction of Mental Cruelty, Felony Cruelty to Animals, and Resisting an Officer without Violence. She was also wanted for violating her parole on a DUI and driving without a license conviction.

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