Pete Edwards Field Recycling Site Closing

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - Bay County officials are shutting down another recycling drop off site because of misuse. They say some people are treating it like a landfill, dumping trash all over the area at Pete Edwards Field off Thomas Drive.

Anita and Barry Seanor recycle at Pete Edwards Field about twice a week.

"We have been using the recycling bins ever since they have been put there and we take cardboard, plastic, aluminum, newspapers, everything," said Anita Seanor, a Panama City Beach resident.

Dumping trash at a recycling site will earn you a fine, but that hasn't stopped some people from dropping off old car tires and a Christmas tree Friday.

"Sometimes I haven't been able to reach the bins because of old mattresses, furniture, garbage, bags of garbage, household garbage, and all kinds of rubbish," said Seanor.

At one point there were several mattresses dumped at the site. This kind of misuse has led Bay County officials to pack up the recycling bins.

"A lot of it maybe looks like commercial. It's fairly extensive. Enough that we can't really manage the site effectively as a recycling drop off point," said Glenn Ogborn, Bay County Solid Waste Superintendent.

The county has closed other sites in Springfield and Panama City for the same reasons. They actually bought security cameras for the sites, but never got around to installing them.

"The site layout makes it difficult to do so. It's just an open parking lot. There's no place to fasten a camera where it would not be subject to theft, damage, or vandalism," said Ogborn.

While it isn't the best solution, Ogborn believes it's the only option at this point. There are eight other recyclable drop off sites in the county.

You can find a list of the sites at