Physician Assistant Asks For Help to Build Medical School

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A physician's assistant based in Tennessee has approached the DeFuniak Springs Mayor and the Walton County Economic Development Alliance about opening up a medical school in DeFuniak Springs.

He's planning to buy 1,400 acres property located behind the Best Western in DeFuniak Springs.

The school would teach more than 300 students, with a main focus on family practice.

He told local leaders he's looking for backers to fund the project.

Monday night, the Walton County Economic Development Alliance Director Steve Jaeger spoke to DeFuniak Springs City Council members about the proposal to get some thoughts.

"I spoke with Steve and said we should at least share this with the council if they want to try and run with this thing--if they do then fine,” said DeFuniak Springs Mayor Bob Campbell. “But in my perspective this is something I would run away from quickly."

As far as we know, the school would be a private venture that would not be affiliated with any university.